Equine Rescue, Walden, NY, care, rehabilitation and adoption for horses

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2:08 pm | Saturday | December 29, 2018  
Our plan was to create a shelter for equines... a rescue that would provide care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses.

Pretty simple, we thought -- help a few horses out, we thought. We were not prepared for the floodgates that opened. The past 21 years have been an eye opener for everyone involved with Equine Rescue, Inc. We have taken in horses with physical scars so vicious that we can only guess what happened; others with emotional scars that won't allow them to trust again.

But we have also helped many, many horses and ponies find homes with people who love them and have given them another chance at being useful riding horses or companions.

Please take a few minutes to browse our website and learn about our horse rescue work and to meet the horses that are waiting for a new chance in life.

We make sure that all animals are fully recovered before they are available for adoption. Each one receives a very thorough veterinary work up, they are temperament tested with others and people and their ability to be ridden and at what level is tested - so that we know all we can about them and are able to pass that along to the adopter. We try to make sure there are no 'surprises'.

This is a long process. It is an expensive process. But, we have found that it is a necessary process to insure their futures. Keeping them out of harm's way - for the rest of their lives - is very important to us.

If you love horses, please support us so that we can continue to help them. Please also sign up below for our online newsletter:

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Equine Rescue, Walden, NY, care, rehabilitation and adoption for horses