Donate Supplies/Equipment to Equine Rescue

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12:04 pm | Monday | December 10, 2018  
For those interested in donating supplies or equipment, we can always use the following items: ulysse nardin replica watches
(Please note you can order most of these items right from our Amazon WishList and they will ship directly to us!)

Halters leather or break away

Lead ropes

Water buckets

De-wormers - Ivermectin, Panacur

Fly spray - Tritec 14

Strongid pellets - (2cx)



'Apple Pickers' (Durafork - a lightweight pitchfork)

Mineral blocks small or large

White salt blocks small or large


Medical supplies (wound ointments, surgical scrub, rolled cotton and vet wrap)

If you are a 'regular' at Heritage Feed and Supply in Bullville - we use Triple Crown Senior, Safe Choice Original pellets, Vitality 10% sweet feed, Nutrena Hay Extender pellets, Bran, Finish Line HA and Source Original dry meal.

Black 33 gal. garbage bags

13 gal. garbage bags




Antibacterial dish soap

Dish sponges w/scrubby side

Toilet brushes

Tissues - in the winter

Toilet paper

Laundry soap

Dryer sheets

Light bulbs - regular 75 watt

From Sam's or hardware store: Blue Workshop paper towels

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Any donations may be dropped off at our Farm on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 2 pm. If you would like to come during the week - please give us call at (845) 733-6085.

Donate Supplies/Equipment to Equine Rescue