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We are very proud of the unique and unmatched services that we have provided to our community and to animals in need for many years.  We are especially proud and a bit introspective, as we pass our 25th year doing God's work.  

Purchase Supplies.



Volunteers are always needed at the farm to help with the horses. There are many ways that you can help our Horses. We accept volunteers under the age of 18 with parental consent. We do not provide transportation.


The farm is located in Bloomingburg, New York. Generally, volunteers come out at prearranged times. We also have weekday hours for Moms when the kids are in school.

There is a Waiver of Liability that must be signed before anyone lifts a flake of hay. There is no riding. All riding is done by professionals who donate their time to train and retrain the horses before they are adopted. 

All new volunteers start out on Saturdays initially because that is when we need the most help and when the professionals that are doing the training are on-site.  

To make an appointment, please contact us at (845) 733-6085

There are many ways to Donate Money or Supplies to ERI.  You can sponsor a Sanctuary Horse who is not appropriate for adoption on a Yearly or Monthly basis for a very reasonable amount of money. 


You can purchase supplies for ERI from our Amazon Charity Wish List. 

You can sign up for Amazon Smile for FREE and Amazon will donate .05% of all your Amazon purchases to Equine Rescue Inc. - Make sure you select the correct Rescue!

You can donate any amount of money at any time by check or directly through PayPal for your convenience. 

You can click here or on the Donate link above and be directed to a page that has all these various opportunities in one place!

We always have a list of supplies from Amazon that we need to care for the horses and also to run the barn.  Everything from water buckets to bandages to duct tape, who can live without duct tape! 

These are not very expensive items but they end up costing the organization many thousands of dollars over the course of a year!

With the help of our amazing supporters, we no longer need to shoulder those huge costs over and over again...


We have specific criteria for adoption.

These rules are in effect for the protection of the animals:

  1. We require that the adoptive family be within a 2-hour radius of our location, Bloomingburg, NY.

  2. We do site checks prior to the animal leaving our premises and in their new homes--for life.

  3. Any animals with Breed or Association Registry papers are placed with photocopies of these papers. Originals remain with the Rescue.

  4. There is no breeding of mares.

  5. We do have an Adoption Contract. Contracts are available at the time the perspective family meets the animal.

  6. All applicants must be over 18 years of age.

  7. Adoption fees range from $150.00 for a Companion only - no riding horse or pony up to $1,000 for sound show types. These fees are not negotiable.

  8. If for any reason the adoptive family can no longer keep the animal, it is to come back to the Rescue. These animals may not be sold, leased, rented, loaned or given to anyone. They are transferred by means of Adoption, NOT Sale. Adoption fees are held for 1 week. If the animal is not returned in 7 days -- the fee is not refundable.

We allow and encourage people to spend time with the horses before they bring them home. We try to ensure that the match is correct. This relieves a great deal of stress for both the adoptive family and the horses. The stress of the move is diminished when the horses already 'know' the person that will be there.

Take a look around...there may be someone waiting for you...

Equine Rescue, Inc. provides sanctuary to all the horses that cannot be adopted and does not euthanize for space.


Although Equine Rescue, Inc. is limited in the number of horses they can help, the ones they do help are promised a home for life. 

You can click here or on the Sponsor link above and be directed to a list of horses that are available for Sponsorships. 

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